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Private Limited Company

A Private Limited company is a business set up which is privately held by its shareholders and has its liabilities limited to the extent of their investments or in other words limited to the extent of shares held by them in the company. This type of Private limited company registration enjoys an independent legal entity status , meansits just like an individual person . The no of shareholders is limited to 50. This is the most popular format of corporate business registration and most friendly among investors or for applying for Venture Capital in Indian and aboard. You can also form OPC if you are a single person aspiring to form a Pvt Ltd company .

Public Limited Company

Raising funds is the biggest challenge for running a company or starting a startup, using your own assets is a better financial solution, but very risky. As per the reports, more than 60% of startups failed just within 3 years due to insufficient fund availability. Registering your company as ‘Public Limited’ is best solution to overcome the problem of fund availability as your company can raise the funds from public easily using the medium of shares and equities. Go Insta Solutions is a trusted name for Public Limited Company Registration in Kota offering cost effective and quality compliance services resulted in development of many startup firms.

LLP Registration

Are you looking for a company registration format with nearly no capital requirement, minimum members and easy running and maintenance free? LLP is perfect answer to this question. Limited Liability Partnership is increasingly popular as it offers two main benefits, 1. Limited Liability 2. Flexibility of a partnership firm. This type of company registration is highly used by professional firms like CA, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Consulting Businesses etc. LLP is easier to incorporate and maintain as compared to private or public limited company structure. So what are you waiting for? Contact GO Insta Solutions now and let us form your LLP.

OPC Registration

One Person Company (OPC) is a new introduction to The Companies Act, 2013 helping entrepreneurs to create a single person economic entity. One person company acts as separate legal entity while offering limited liability protection to its sole shareholder. Many entrepreneurs wish to test their business models and have future plans of attracting investors based upon the success of their model. OPC is great solution for entrepreneurs to test their models, attract investors if succeed and convert OPC easily to private or public limited structure. Even if you wish to sell your OPC for any reason, it is very easy, as very less documentation and cost required for selling.


Distinct Identity - A private limited company is considered to be a separate legal entity. It has its own identity and very much recognized as a separate company under the law. An entity means something which has a real existence Also, the company can own property due to this feature under its name. The company can sue and also it can be sued under its own name due to this very same feature.a pvt ltd company is a legal entity separate from that of its members.

Stability due to Limited Liability - Private Limited Company has this feature of limited financial liability of all the shareholders. The liabilities are limited to their shares only. This feature protects the personal assets and income of shareholders at times of any financial crisis faced by the company. and it protects all shareholders and liabilities.

Long and continuity of Existence - Private Limited companies are not affected by the status of their own when it comes to their existence. Death or inability to continue if the owner does not hinder the proceedings of the company.. This continuity of life has always been one of the great advantages of the corporate form.

Minimum requirement of shareholders and members - Only two members and two shareholders are required to incorporate a private limited company. In the case of a private limited company, shares can be allotted to the public without receiving the minimum subscription.This gives many Entrepreneurs an opportunity to set up their own company.

Ease of Raising Funds - Shareholders allowed are up to two hundred and another two hundred members are allowed, this many numbers and the reputation of the private limited company makes it easier to raise capital funds in comparison to other forms of companies. Therefore, we can say the scope of expansion is greater when a private limited company is incorporated. The primary requirement of growing business is to have funding which in private limited companies is possible because of ease of raising capital from an Venture Capitalist or Private Equity Firms.

Tax Advantages - They pay tax on taxable profits and are exempted from higher personal income tax is considered to be in the public interest.

Flexible Relations - A person can act as a shareholder, a director and an employee at the same time when the private limited company is taken into consideration. Shares of a company limited by shares can be transferred by a shareholder to any other person. They are considered reliable too.



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