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What type of Sales services we provide

Companies need to be able to sell their products and services in order to remain in business. However, not all activities are strategic or core to the marketing or sales teams. A lot of time is spent on non-core activities like creating calling lists, searching databases, cleaning up prospect lists etc, a lot of which take away productive time of teams, causing an indirect loss to the company. That is why companies need to look to Marketing and Sales outsourcing services in order to ensure that their staff focuses on the strategic aspects of the company, thus improving their chances of success.

At Go Insta Solutions, we have developed and implemented strong sales programs all over the world based on our exceptional processes and tools. We know that building strong relationships is essential for sales. We have developed a complete framework at Sales Solutions India, to help companies ensure that they have an edge in these increasingly competitive times. Marketing Outsourcing services help the marketers to think more about the strategic aspects of their work. They depend on the vendors to complete the routine tasks in a timely and accurate manner. Sales Outsourcing services help the sales people to close the sales better by allowing them to spend more time closing while leaving other routine tasks to their outsourcing vendors.

Inbound Call Center Service

Inbound sales refer to situations in which the customer contacts the organization in order to enquire about and/or purchase a product or service. Inbound sales & telemarketing are becoming more profitable than traditional outbound sales. Outsource your inbound sales to us and we provide customized services to satisfy individual requirements.As per statistics 90% of inbound telemarketing calls are converted and it's important to have a well equipped inbound sales team to convert those calls into sales. We provide customised and exclusive inbound sales & telemarketing support to our clients, when you outsource it to us. We will hire a team, train them in the process exclusively and the trained team will handle calls. A trained executive will be able to explain the features and benefits of the client's products / services.
Inbound Sales involves marketing focused on becoming found by desired customers. So Inbound telemarketing representatives, product knowledge and sales strategy are important in an Inbound selling process. We have a team of experienced inbound sales executives, who can be well trained for your products and we follow a strong sales strategy, which can be customized for your products and services.


Outbound Call Center Service

Outbound support refers to calling out people who tried to reach the client through inbound, email or chat. These are different from cold calling or telemarketing calls. It helps to reach out customers whom we fail to service or requested for call backs or enquired through email or chat for a call back. This type of services can be used to convey special instructions, offers, deals, reminders, surveys, data collection etc.
Whatever may be your product or service, there are multiple competitors around you. Hence it is necessary for you to reach the potential customers before your opponents do so. The outbound processes from Go Insta Solutions are there to help you in this respect. Outbound call center services from Go Insta Solutions are much more effective in acquiring new customers than the traditional methods of TV advertising, off-the-page advertising, direct mails or e-shots. We not only inform the customers about the remarkable services that you have to offer but help them to choose you by providing them the benefits that you have to offer. Our team of consultants have a sound knowledge about the present market scenario and hence they have sound knowledge about how your services are unique from the other opponents.

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