Trademark Registration

Trademark is like a unique symbol which is used to determine the products and services of a particular business. This unique sign can be a logo, slogan, picture, word, sound, design color combination, or even an expression however, most of the businesses and companies only go for a Logo Registration or brand name registration. Trademarks were proposed to safeguard businesses and as well as the customers. The trademark is a unique expression which is associated to a product or a service that differentiates it from others. Trademarks are identified as intellectual properties and thus need to be protected from invasion. The Trademarks and all its rights are protected by the Trademark Act, 1999.

Trademark Registration is important because it protects your trademark by preventing others from copying it and fabrication of other products with your mark. Trademarks also help the customers to identify the brand and its value. The Trademark Registration Online Expires after 10 years of its registration and then can be renewed again for another 10 years. This registration process can be indefinitely done as it does not have a definite limitation period. The trademark will continue to be under the protection of the Act as long as you keep renewing it.


As said above, a trademark is your intellectual property and hence you must get it registered to make it legally acceptable. Here are some of the trademark registration benefits:

  • It gives you an exclusive right over the trademark.
  • It acts as an intangible asset for your business as it has monetary value.
  • A registered trademark gives you the right to use the ® sign along with your logo/product.
  • A lawsuit filed for infringement of your trademark.
  • It also differentiates your product from its similar counterparts.
  • It helps you build trust and goodwill and hence garner customer loyalty.


For trademark registration in India, you will need to follow the procedure given below:

Apply for trademark registration - The first step is to fill an application form. Secondly, submit it to the Registrar of Trademarks along with the necessary documents.

Wait for Scrutiny from the Registrar - After receiving your application, the Registrar of Trademarks will thoroughly examine your trademark application and the documents because to make sure that it meets all the requirements for approval.

Approval and Publishing in the Trademark Journal - After the Registrar Officer satisfied with your application and accepts your trademark. Then it will be published in the Trademark Journal which is for the public to check. A new trademark stays published for 4 months.

Final Registration - If, after 4 months of being published in the trademark journal, no one opposes your trademark, it will finally register under the Trademarks Act, 1999.